The English version of: "Een oase voor ontwikkeling".

Traditional teaching methods are generally based on
learning to comply with expectations. The education for the
future is based on the underlying wisdom of the child; the
source present in the child to give direction to their own
life. In this book, Ruud van Middelaar (pedagogue) and
Marloes Vis van Heemst (organisational scientist) present
their ideas for education. The starting point is Ruud’s rich
experience as an educational innovator. The end point? A
picture of the ideal school: an oasis for development.

This book answers the question: how do you facilitate
space for development? It is a recipe for shaping democratic
education, a practical philosophical conversation between
the two authors, a sharing of dreams and ideals, a look
back at twenty years of pioneering and a source of
inspiration full of concrete foundational points and tools to
get started immediately

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